DeWitt Furtive small seconds high imitation watch

The Furtive series, the first stainless steel replica watches series produced by the brand and launched in 2013, adds a new dimension to the time-honored band of bells and whistles designed especially for watchmaking and marvels. With a noble aesthetic and modern features of the lines, the replica watches uk is equipped with a high performance semi-automatic half-winding movement and has 42 hours of power storage, once again demonstrates the DeWitt watch factory inheritance imparted to the Swiss dial manufacturing process, making beautiful Dial a particularly good attainments. 121514 Like other rolex replica, the new Furtive series fully complies with the very serious and fair standards that DeWitt has created since its inception: satin finish, polished and bevelled edges. Furtive Automatique Petite Seconde Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic Wrist Watch with metal bracelet or more comfortable black rubber strap.