Giorgio Fedon 1919 SPEED TIMER II timing high imitation table

City life is very fast syllable, minutes and seconds of the game, always expect the right time to master, and a very accurate error-free wrist on the table, it becomes today's urban people can not be missing Essential goods. Founded in 1919, the Italian brand Giorgio Fedon 1919, launched a new SPEED TIMER II replica watches series, filling a hundred years of brand Zoran status, its fashionable style of the default, filling the prevailing fashion tastes. SPEED TIMER II swiss replica watches series with a very high sense of speed Formula One race is the theme, round case to participate in two dazzling groove design, the rich group of watch the level of the remaining, while making the shape of the disease is more And the prevailing fashion. Exquisite beautiful case with high precision technology to deal with the lighting of the 316 fine outline of the system, for the default plus a masculine flavor, to express the ownership race driver's unique special style. SPEED TIMER II replica watches series with a precision of one second of the chronograph movement, especially on the appearance of a second subdivision of 10 cells, the default drive on the race as the speed meter, people more clearly calculate the time Running, in order to fit a very accurate time, SPEED TIMER II to participate in large crown and button presets, in addition to opening the shape of the more extra-type, but also convenient to use the timing function of the wearer. In addition to a wrist on the table outside the function, the degree of comfort when wearing appropriate and not easy to use bad also very tight, so SPEED TIMER II with high leather belt. SPEED TIMER II in the default design to remove the traditional case of the constraints on the ear shell constraints, and the use of innovative double-bottom cover preset, the strap will be installed in the double bottom cover, so that when wearing a more comfortable and comfortable, So that the belt with anti-perspiration effect, water depth of 100 meters.